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Available Office Space for Rent with Premium Amenities in Waterloo, WI

Office Rentals

Staff productivity increases 37% in natural outdoor space.

The Solarium's Building Amenities, Natural Spaces and Facilities

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Enjoy good weather at work. We have an outdoor deck, natural light, and a wooded backyard. Even in winter, our glass ceilings will boost your Vitamin D as you work, reducing the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Studies have shown that natural surroundings and light improve productivity to 37%. Improved focus saves 83 to 177 minutes a day for tasks.*

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Natural environments like ours improve cognitive, physical and psychological well-being, satisfaction by 31%, and decreases anxiety by 37%, depression by 58%, anger by 44%, and fatigue by 38%.*

Underground Parking

Extreme weather patterns are becoming more frequent. In the past 10 years, millions of absences have been recorded in the U.S. by bad weather. Underground parking makes showing up likelier during inclement weather conditions, and safer for older workers.

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With our facial recognition technology, you can know which employees are at work, anytime.


Host up to 500 employees at WGP. Choose from indoor mini-golf courses, immersive lounge, dining and briefing sun rooms.

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Employee Productivity

Moving to WGP means more money for your business. If you pay a worker $50,000 a year, the gain of about 120 minutes a day means you make $12,500 just from the extra focused work.


Our dual redundant divergent fiber connections will ensure constant internet access.

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Select your own caterers, conference rooms, indoor and outdoor spaces to make your events or off-site annual meetings customized.


Offices, conference rooms, and large spaces ranging from 150 to 11,000 sq ft are available.

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See floor plans for more details.

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For individuals


Lease offices with showers, standalone desks, and amenities you need to get your job done.


Short-term and flexible leases are available by day or month.


Connect with colleagues on the 2nd floor office and other professionals on the 1st floor amenities.

For parents

Reserve rooms on the ground floor for your teens to use after school.

For students

Give your teen the tools to succeed with educational clubs and tutors.


Get a text when your kids arrive or leave.

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